N-1-3 JROTC Ribbon (Each)

N-1-3 JROTC Ribbon (Each)
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Academic Achievement Ribbon (N-1-3) N series ribbon award. These JROTC ribbons are a slide on style ribbon to attach to a ribbon bar mount which is sold separately. You can add on a ribbon rack and device as optional addons. Addon options donot come attached.

Attachment Style: Slide On
Awarded For: Army JROTC: Awarded annually to those cadets who maintain a grade of “A” in all academic subjects.

USMC MCJROTC: Arts & Academics
Unit of Issue Each
Branch of Service Army JROTC (Junior ROTC) & Marines MCJROTC
Wear: Army JROTC: Center your ribbons on the pocket button one-eighth of an inch above the top seam of the left pocket (centered above the horizontal line for female cadets). Place awards of this type no more than four across. Do not start a second row until you have four or more ribbons; also, the first and second rows must have the same number before you can start a third row. Center the top row on the row beneath it. Wear your ribbons in order of precedence from top to bottom and from your right to left in one or more rows.
Note: you cannot wear both the ribbon and the medal for the same award at the same time

Marine Corps MCJROTC: When worn, ribbons will be worn 1/8” above and centered over the left breast pocket of the khaki shirt or blue coat. When worn with the marksmanship badge, ribbons will be 1/8” above the badge.
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