Academic Award NJROTC Ribbons (Each)

Academic Award NJROTC Ribbons Honor Roll , Academic Team, Academic Captain
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Academic Award NJROTC ribbons Award for Navy JROTC (NJROTC)

Sold individually, does not come with ribbon rack. Ribbon racks & devices may be added on to your ribbon. Add ons donot come attached.

According to the NJROTC Cadet Manual the Academic Award is Awarded, WHEN EARNED, to each cadet who has met any of the following academic award criteria:
a. Honor Roll
Awarded ONCE ANNUALLY upon completion of the minimum requirement, to any cadet who attains school honor roll status equal to 50 percent or more of the academic year (need not be sequential). The first award is the ribbon with a bronze lamp.
Subsequent awards are as follows:
2nd Award - Silver Lamp
3rd Award - Gold Lamp
4th Award - Gold Anchor

b. Academic Team
Awarded ONCE ANNUALLY upon completion of the minimum requirement, to any cadet who is a member in good standing of the Academic Team and has participated in three or more academic competitions. The first award is the ribbon with a gold torch.

Subsequent awards are as follows:

2nd Award - Bronze Star
3rd Award - Silver Star
4th Award - Gold Star

When both the academic team and honor roll awards have been earned, the torch and lamp are positioned side-by-side on the ribbon, with the lamp on the wearer's right. Subsequent award stars for the academic team are worn outboard of the gold torch.

c. Academic Team Captain
The cadet chosen for this honor wears the Academic Award ribbon on the right side of the uniform with a gold anchor centered on the ribbon. Note: No other devices will accompany the gold anchor when the
Academic Award is worn on the right side. The only exception to wearing one gold anchor centered will be when a cadet has also earned a gold anchor for the 4th honor roll award. In this case both anchors can remain on the ribbon when moved to the wearer's right side. Note: When becoming captain of more than one team, the ribbon with the highest order of precedence is worn inboard, to the wearer's left, as shown in the example. Note: When wearing the ribbon of a team captain on the right side of the uniform, a similar ribbon without the team captain gold anchor cannot be worn in its normal position on the left side of the uniform.
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