Plastic Name Plate

100 Tip Backings

Product ID: JDT-02-005

100 spare replacement tip backings for name plate , rank and awards
Army JROTC Crest For Nameplate (Ea)

Product ID: JDT-02-006

Army JROTC crest for Army nameplates. nameplate not included Metal JROTC, Junior ROTC crest for Army JROTC name plates
Army JROTC Crest Nameplate (Ea)

Product ID: JDT-01-002

Black pebble finish name plate with white letters. Comes attached with Army JROTC crest. All letters will be capitalized on name tags unless specified.
Army Nameplate (Each)

Product ID: JDT-01-001

Our ARMY ROTC Name Tags are MILSPEC and meet all uniform standards. We offer a quick in-house turnaround because we make them right here in shop.
Blank Army Nameplates (Box Of 100 pieces)

Product ID: JDT-02-001

Box includes 100 blank pebble finish Army name tags and 200 brass nameplate backings. nameplates, name plates Blank pebble finish Army nametags plates size 1" tall x 3" wide. JROTC / ROTC / Active Duty