Neck Ties & Tabs

Neck Ties & Tabs

Men's Black Neck Ties, Bow Ties and Women's Neck Tabs for Class A Uniforms.

Mens Black Bow Tie

Product ID: JDT-23-002

pretied black bow tie for mens uniform class a, class b & asu
Mens Black Neck Clip On Tie

Product ID: JDT-23-027

Black Neck tie for mens Dress uniform, clip on (18" long)
Mens Black Neck Tie Four In Hand

Product ID: JDT-23-001_rowM10

Black neck tie for mens Class A, Class B & ASU uniform. Neck tie is 56 inches long.(this is not a clip on tie) JROTC /ROTC
Womens Black Neck Tab

Product ID: JDT-23-003

Black Neck tab with hook and loop closure