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Get your graduation stoles and graduation cords today! Add your awards and to show off your accomplishments. Army JROTC, NJROTC, AFJROTC, MCJROTC

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We sell our medals as premade medals or you can mix or medals and drapes to customize your own medal.

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Featured Products

JROTC Uniform Ruler

Product ID: JDT-19-033_rowG2

JROTC uniform tool. Help position your Insignia, Medals & Ribbons. Translucent plastic ruler. Make sure to pass inspection with your collar devices and ranks in the correct place with this handy ruler. Uniform measuring tool.
Lamp Ribbon Attachment (3 Bronze, 3 Silver, 2 Gold)

Product ID: lamp_device

Lamp Ribbon Attachment. 8 Package includes 3 Bronze, 3 Silver & 2 Gold
Ribbon Mount Rack -No Space (Each)

Product ID: rack_no_space

ALL RACKS- Plastic Ribbon Mounts, choose your ribbon bar that holds between 3 and 32 ribbons. Slide your Ribbons onto the plastic ribbon bar. Pins do not Break. Very Safe, Flexible, and Re-usable. Comes with brass metal clutches (tips) for ready to wear on your Class A, Class B, and ASU Dress and Formal military uniforms.
ROTC Eagle Stole Pin (EA)

Product ID: JDT-60-082_rowG4

ROTC Eagle stole pin is the perfect award addition to wear on your graduation stole